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You don't need to wait weeks to get a custom air conditioner cover. We will make and ship your cover in 1-2 business days, GUARANTEED! How do we do it? We begin working on your cover within minutes of placing your order to make sure it is finished and ready to ship as soon as possible. Our 70+ years of experience with custom canvas products have taught us to "do it well and do it fast!"


Breathable Durable Covers

Our one-of-a-kind cover designer allows you to tell us the exact size of your AC unit and the location of any pipes or hoses that require special cut outs, ensuring a perfect fit every time. And because our canvas fabric breathes, we can cover your entire AC unit top to bottom, keeping all of the snow, dirt, leaves, and other debris out of your cooling unit.

Lowest Prices

We realize that while excellent service and quality products are important, today's consumers are usually influenced by one thing: price. Unfortunately, low price often means sacrificing service or quality, and usually both! That's why our customers are amazed time and time again that we are able to offer fantastic service, top quality products and excellent prices.


Over 75 Years of Experience

Our covers are made from heavy duty, industrial strength fabrics that will provide years of protection. Most pre-made covers you'll find at your local hardware store are made using a much cheaper, light weight canvas and looks similar to our fabric, but won't last nearly as long.

With Security Straps Water Repellant Fabrics Made in the USA

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