Why CoolerCovers.com?

Sugar House Awning and coolercovers.com – Extending the Life of Your Air Conditioner

Custom air conditioner covers are one of the simplest yet effective ways to properly protect an air conditioner unit. Each year hundreds of air conditioners are in need of replacement simply because they haven’t been properly cared for. One of the most important ways to extend the life of your air conditioner is to cover it with a properly fitted custom AC cover during the off-season months. This simple and easy practice will ensure that your air conditioner will run longer, run smoother, and always be protected from any extreme weather when not in use. Air conditioner service companies recommend that homeowners use custom AC unit cooler covers as an effective way to protect their investment.

Custom Air Conditioner Covers from coolercovers.com – An Industry Standard
Since 1941 Sugar House Awning has been supplying custom canvas air conditioner covers to HVAC manufacturers, contractors, homeowners, apartment managers, and businesses in a variety of markets and locations. The air conditioner manufacturing and maintenance industries have pointed to Sugar House Awning and coolercovers.com as the premiere source for air conditioner covers for both wall-mount and standard AC units.

Receive your Custom AC Unit Covers in Days
Coolercovers.com is able to create and ship a custom AC unit cover within 2 business days, guaranteed. No matter what size, shape, or number of air conditioner units you need covered, coolercovers.com can create and ship your custom air conditioner covers without you having to wait.

Your cover will be made to the exact specifications that are needed to fit your air conditioner unit; regardless of size, make or model. Custom AC covers are also offered in a variety of colors to match your landscaping or outdoor decorations as well.

Durable Custom Air Conditioner Covers
Not only will you receive your custom air conditioner cover in just a matter of days, it will also be the finest cover available on the market. Coolercovers.com uses high-quality, durable, industrial grade material for every custom air conditioner cover that is resistant to tearing, color fading, and leaking. Each custom AC cover can withstand heavy wind, rain, and snow.

Other Uses for Custom Air Conditioner Covers
Coolercovers.com has found that many satisfied clients are returning to buy multiple custom covers to use in a variety of ways apart from protecting their air conditioner. These custom covers are commonly being used to protect barbecues, space heaters, outdoor furniture, and even shrubs. With their simple construction and their completely custom sizes, any cover can be fitted to protect outdoor items or valuables that are going to be placed in storage.

Custom AC Unit Covers for any Brand, Any Style, Anytime!
Coolercovers.com can create custom AC unit covers for any brand of air conditioner that you own.

Feel free to continue browsing the site and contact Sugar House Awning directly with any questions you might have regarding custom air conditioner covers.

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