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Since 1941, has been supplying custom canvas products to HVAC manufacturers, contractors and homeowners alike. We are one of the country's leading manufacturers of custom made air conditioner covers and evaporative cooler covers. If you are looking for a quality, custom fit cover, you have come to the right place. And we back up our confidence with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We know you'll love our product!

Condensation is Evil!
While everyone who covers their air conditioning unit does so with with the intention of protecting it, did you know that the wrong type of cover can can actually ruin your air conditioner? Covering a central air conditioner with vinyl or plastic prevents the unit from "breathing" which can trap moisture inside. Unable to escape, this trapped condensation will corrode the interior wiring and electrical circuitry inside the unit and decrease the life of your air conditioner. NEVER cover a central air conditioner with a vinyl cover or a plastic tarp.

Our full length air conditioner covers are made from a specially treated canvas fabric designed to keep the moisture out while still allowing the unit to "breathe" to prevent condensation. And because our air conditioner covers are full length, your investment is protected from top to bottom. Our full length covers keep all the snow and debris out of your cooling unit.
Eyesore of the Neighborhood
Don't be the guy with the hand-made cooler cover duct taped to his roof! Our custom made covers not only look nicer but are safer for your cooling unit. Our treated canvas fabrics prevent condensation and can increase the life of your unit. Be kind to your air conditioner and to your neighbors this winter. Get a custom made cover from today!


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