Warranty Information

We know from experience that because of the high quality fabrics we use and our proven manufacturing methods, your custom cover will provide you with many years of service. Accordingly, we feel confident in guaranteeing the craftsmanship of our residential air conditioner covers as follows: 

16oz Treated Canvas: 3-Year Warranty
Premium Marine Canvas: 5-Year Warranty
Ultimate Sunbrella® Canvas: 8-Year Warranty

If your cover becomes unserviceable during the warranty period, simply send it back and we will repair or replace it, at our discretion.

Terms and Conditions
Our limited warranty does not cover:
  • damage or tearing due to improper installation. Even mild wind can cause a loose cover to shift around and tear. To keep your warranty intact, we highly recommend using a set of our Security Straps to keep your cover securely in place.
  • mold or mildew caused by improper storage of your cover during the off-season. Storing a damp cover promotes the growth of mold and mildew and will void your warranty. Never put a wet cover into storage!
  • over-sized and commercial-class covers.  These large covers are highly susceptible to wear and tear and cannot be covered under our 5-year warranty.
  • shipping costs to return an item. The customer is responsible for the cost to return any warranty claim. SugarHouse Awning Industries will cover return shipping costs on approved claims.
  • year-round use. Our warranty guarantees our products for 5 years of seasonal use only. Using your cover year-round may shorten its lifespan and void your warranty.
  • any damage to your cooling unit, residence, other property or persons caused directly or indirectly through use of our product. In no event shall SugarHouse Awning Industries be liable for any indirect or incidental damages related to the use of one of our products.
  • stock or custom tarps. These items carry no warranties other than any applicable manufacturer warranties.

This warranty coverage is pro-rated as follows:
16oz Treated Canvas: Year 1- 100%, Year 2- 66%, Year 3- 33%
Premium Marine Canvas: Year 1- 100%, Year 2- 80%, Year 3- 60%, Year 4- 40%, Year 5- 20%
Ultimate Sunbrella® Canvas: Year 1- 100%, Year 2- 90%, Year 3- 80%, Year 4- 70%, Year 5- 60%, Year 6- 45%, Year 7- 30%, Year 8- 15%

Customer will be responsible for non-covered replacement or repair costs.

Warranty claims are subject to inspection and approval before repair or replacement. All warranty returns must have a Return Authorization Number, which may be obtained by calling us at 800.657.6394. Merchandise should be returned to:

SugarHouse Industries
RA # xxxxxx
7526 South State Street

Midvale, UT 84047

Updated 10/10/2012

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