AC Unit Cover Advantages

Covering Your Air Conditioner Prevents Damage
A properly fitted AC unit cover is an important and easy to implement part of basic air conditioner system maintenance. In many areas, the off season provides for a very harsh environment for your air conditioner. By just covering your air conditioner unit with a high quality cooler cover, you can reduce weather wear, water and ice damage, and increase the overall life of the air conditioner unit.

Cooler Covers are more Durable
Cooler Covers are made to withstand harsh elements, including rain, snow, ice, sun exposure, and high heat. These air conditioner covers are built to last for the lifetime of your ac unit. Cooler Covers can also be used to provide year round protection for lawn care equipment, outdoor furniture, or any outdoor structure that needs weatherproofed protection. With the superior durability found with Cooler Covers, you can enjoy peace of mind.

Cooler Covers are Custom Fit
Rather than just kicking out a bunch of standard sizes, Cooler Covers allows you to enter the exact dimensions needed to properly fit your air conditioner unit. A perfect fit helps to increase the amount of protection provided by the air conditioner cover, and decreases the exposure to wind, rain, snow, and dust. With the ability to submit custom sizes, you can use Cooler Covers on all types and sizes or air conditioner units while still providing a snug fit.

Fast Production and Shipping
In most cases ordering custom fit air conditioner covers takes much longer than just buying a pre-fitted cover. With Cooler Covers, however, your order will be submitted immediately to our system and within two business days your brand new air conditioner cover will be on its way to you.

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